Our Story

We are living through the transformation of experiences. The traveler’s needs have changed with the changes around us. How they spend their time, and the moments that come from them are even more in focus. Today, the experience is the product. 

For consumers, planning destination-based travel is involved and challenging. However, event-specific travel shouldn’t be. Fuse Technologies is here to address just that. By enabling businesses to package their event tickets along with lodging, to meals and drinks, pre and post gatherings, all the way to moments of relaxation or exhilaration, our clients are turning their events into what travelers are looking for - something more.

Founded in 2020, Fuse Technologies was created as a Experiences Platform, we empower event organizers around the world to build multi-day curatable experiences by bundling diverse package inclusions with their events. Enhancing the customer experience enables you to profit on every transaction, generate more sales, and minimize operations and risk.

Our Mission

Inspiration born from Experience

We believe that our experiences shape who we are. Our mission is to empower event organizers globally to create the best experience for their attendees and fans.

Fuse Technologies empowers the experience economy, building travel based packages in an evolving world where the experience is the product.

Leadership Team

Andrew Citores
CEO and Co-Founder
Daren Libonati
Sonny Smith
CSO and Co-founder
Derrick Ongchin
Chief Product Officer
Nick Libonati
Head of Revenue
Debbie Knowlan
VP, Customer Experience
Chao Zhang
Chief Technology Officer
Randy Creighton
General Counsel
Andy Chang
Head of Marketing
Trupti Natu
Head of Data Science & Payments
Cierra Clark
Director of Supply
Mackenzie Whelan
Director of Operations
Zach Samson
Partner & EVP
Jessica Hang
Head of Design
Ryan Velasco
Creative Director
William Brooks
Head of Enterprise Solutions
Ryan Navratil
Jeremy So
David DyTang
Alex Clatterbuck
Principal Product Manager
Yijun Wang
GM of Shenzhen Site
Shiyao Ma
Head of Consumer Experience Engineering
Kamil Zaleski
Head of Supply Engineering & Architect