Today, the experience is the product

Fuse is here to help event organizers by turning their ticket into something more - an experience their attendees are looking for, and will remember forever.

Our solution unleashes this potential by enabling organizers globally to bundle everything from hotels, restaurants, entertainment, and add-on or inclusions of your choice from start to finish.

Our value propositions

Make a profit
on every transaction

Generate more revenue for each ticket sold, without risk to you

Focus on your business,
we'll do the rest

Get set up and work with our
team of experts without the operational overhead and risks

More than just tickets

Give your travelers the experience they're looking for

We get you live in hours

Get up and running quick and start making incremental revenue now

Understand your needs

Our team connects with yours to understand details of the event(s), your business, and ensure a great experience for your attendees

Build it together

Fuse works with you in creating and building out experience packages leveraging our technology, relationships and industry-leading staff

Event On-Sale & Go Live

Fuse provides clients with a seamless integration and solution that ensures a successful on-sale and enables travelers to purchase experience packages

The impact we're making


Total Packages


Total Travelers

Message from our CEO

The Curated Experience

We are seeing a trending shift in the behavior and mindset towards multi-day curated travel. This is happening for attendees and event-goers across all industries from festivals and entertainment across to corporate travel and conferences. Travelers not only enjoy that curated experience, they are demanding it. 

Fuse is at the center of this growing $7T+ market. Now, resort operators, event producers, sports teams, and venue operators are empowered to turn tickets into multi-day travel experiences in a matter of minutes without the operational overhead, resources, and risk. Providing them a solution to capture a great share of guest’s travel budget and diversifying their revenue stream at the same time.

Andrew Citores

Fuse Founder, CEO

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