Professional & Collegiate Sports

Attendees travel near and far to experience their favorite event. They’re also looking for more and are willing to arrive a day early, and stay the weekend to experience the local scene that includes everything from restaurants, drinks, nightlife, theatrical shows and more.

Fuse is working with leading Professional and Collegiate Sports organizations by packaging super fan tickets with hotel and add-on inclusions, to amplify the experience for parents visiting their children at College Universities looking to enjoy the game and weekend as a family.

Adding real value to your business

Event-based travel for attendees can be involved and messy. We’re here to ensure that it isn’t. 

Earn Incremental revenue on every registration

Partnering with Fuse allows you to capture your share of the existing spending that is already taking place around your events

Enhance the value proposition of attending your events

Gain the support of our team of experts that help curate promote and deliver an elevated attendee experience around your existing event schedule

Streamlined for your attendees

We've created a more streamlined process to help your registrants book enhancements to their trip, from networking and nightlife events to add-on travel experiences, all in one place.

What our clients get with Fuse

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