Travel Package Marketing Requirements

Setup Requirements

  1. Provide Fuse with Historical ticket sales data including zip codes and geographic purchase data for applicable event(s)
  2. Ensure correct placement of pixels and tracking for social media advertising and remarketing campaigns
  3. Deliver your event marketing and announcement plan to Fuse for additional campaign ideation & inclusions.
  4. Integrate Travel Packages into your existing marketing and media plan across all channels.
  5. Develop Travel Package creative assets for website, social, banners, emails, videos, etc.

Event Website
  1. Event home page button next to where a consumer would Buy Tickets that says “Ticket & Hotel Packages,” or “Travel Packages” or “Vacation Packages” 
  2. Add a Ticket Type to your ticket selection page: Add specific section for Ticket & Hotel Packages with necessary description of packages and all inclusions.
  3. Travel Package Section: Add specific content informing guests about the Ticket & Hotel
  4. Packages, with direct links to the travel package booking page.

Ticketing Website
  1. Prominent location on ticketing page header or banner promoting Ticket & Hotel Packages
  2. Ticket sale confirmation email: Prominent location for Button/link and a confirmation message promoting Travel Packages. ex.“Now you have your ticket, purchase a Hotel/Experience Package and Save!”

Event Announcement:
  1. Travel Package Presale Sign Up - Drive excitement and database growth.
  2. Exclusive Travel Package On Sale - Create an exclusive window of opportunity for your buyers to exclusively buy packages before the general ticket on sale.
  3. Ticket Pre-Sale - Direct market your Prior years buyers or loyalty promotion.
  4. Ticket General On-Sale - Push all travel package signups to a package general on-sale.
  5. Remarketing after On-Sale: Drive every user to your Fuse site. 
  6. Dedicated “Win the Ultimate Travel Package Experience” giveaway campaign drawing traveling customers to sign up.
  7. Press Release inclusion focusing on the value of travel packaging

Email Blasts
  1. Dedicated number of travel package email communications to be mutually agreed on
  2. Dedicated number of Email Newsletters, Fan club inclusions, and Team Specific Email Blasts

SMS Messaging
  1. Dedicated number of SMS travel package messages

Social Media Organic Posts
  1. Dedicated number of in-feed posts
  2. Dedicated number of Boosted Social Media Posts
  3. Dedicated number of Facebook/Instagram Stories with booking link
  4. Dedicated Posts per Artist when applicable

Instagram Link Tree - add booking page link Labeled: “Travel Packages”
  1. Social Media Advertising with a dedicated Budget from your current marketing allocation
  2. Remarketing Ads dedicated to ticket & travel packages 
  3. Dedicated digital marketing campaigns for ravel Packages
  4. Marketing budget focused on client’s social profiles
  5. Client’s Digital Agency to provide service with guidance from Fuse (Recommended)

Social Media Advertising
  1. Placement of Pixels and Tracking for Remarketing Campaigns
  2. Dedicated number of Dark Posts on all social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok)
  3. Dedicated number of Travel Package marketing campaigns - (14) days to drive education on travel package experiences.
  4. Target like-audiences & existing ticket buyers, but the travel market targeted will increase conversion.
  5. Display Ads & Google Search

  1. Build dedicated Travel Package banners/assets
  2. Focus on travel markets and display networks that have travel and audiences that align with your demographics.
  3. Search Engine Optimization: Include all proper key words are included for “Event Name Travel Packages, Hotel Packages, Ticket & Hotel Packages, Ticket & Hotel Bundles, etc”

Paid Search:
  1. Same as above to ensure you are garnering the necessary terms.
Mobile App
  1. Prominent Button/link promoting Travel Package*
  2. In App messaging direct promotion of Ticket and Hotel Packages

All Above Marketing Requirements and Supplemental Efforts Needed to Achieve 200k-500k Uniques based on a .05-1% Conversion Rate.