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Professional & Collegiate Sports

Attendees travel near and far to experience their favorite event. They’re also looking for more and are willing to arrive a day early, and stay the weekend to experience the local scene that includes everything from restaurants, drinks, nightlife, theatrical shows and more. 

Fuse is working with leading Professional and Collegiate Sports organizations by packaging super fan tickets with hotel and add-on inclusions, to amplify the experience for parents visiting their children at College Universities looking to enjoy the game and weekend as a family.

Adding real value to your business

Event-based travel for attendees can be involved and messy. We’re here to ensure that it isn’t. 

Focus on your business,
we'll do the rest

Access a  team of industry experts that will help with hotel room blocks, restaurants and meals, to additional inclusions

for your attendees 

We've created a more streamlined experience to help your travelers book the entire travel package in one place 

Earn Incremental revenue
on every ticket

Easy to get started and implemented and start making incremental revenue within hours, not days or weeks!

Enhancing the attendee experience


They're looking forward to the main event, but they also want a great night's rest

Event Planning

Give them the time and place
to celebrate together


Provide them a meal worth enjoying, and taking photos of!


Let's find them a concert of nightlife venue they'll want to unwind with their friends at

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